25 November 2015

Meningitis B vaccine

GP Plus are now offering the Meningitis B vaccination – an excellent opportunity if your child has “missed-out” out on the newly amended NHS childhood vaccination scheme, covering new infants up to 4 months age.

Men B is responsible for around 90% of all meningococcal infections UK-wide. It can lead to long-term disability and serious life-threatening infections, including blood poisoning and meningitis. See the links below for more information.

The Men B vaccine, Bexsero®, is designed to protect your baby against the meningococcal group B bacteria. It does this by stimulating the immune system to protect against future infection.

At GP Plus, our Men B protocol is as follows:

1. An initial appointment* is required with a GP, where you should bring along the child’s “red book” (or similar) along with data relating to any special health issues affecting your child. Here, the GP will ensure the vaccine is suitable and you will have the opportunity to discuss the vaccine in depth. It is also important to discuss how many doses are ideal for your child depending upon age and risk-profile, and how to integrate within their current vaccine schedule. Note that not all children are suitable for this vaccine; with your permission, we can contact your NHS GP to clarify any unusual circumstance. Provided all is well, a prescription will be issued at this time for the vaccine.

2. The prescription can then be processed and paid for at a pharmacy of your choice. The cost is dependent on the pharmacy, at around £100/vaccine.

3. Once you have the vaccine, a further appointment* should be booked for vaccine administration.

NB: Some children may require boosters, and therefore further appointments to administer the boosters. You may find the below link helpful in determining this: http://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/medicine/28407

*All appointments are subject to standard consultation charges


Further information can be found at:





Meningitis Helpline

0808 80 10 388 (UK) Available 9am to 12 midnight

Meningitis Now

Fern House • Bath Road

Stroud • Gloucestershire • GL5 3TJ Tel: 01453 768000 • Fax: 01453 768001 info@meningitisnow.org