Blood & Allergy Tests with GP-Plus

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Website - compressed (18)As part of our medical screening services, we can provide over 1300 different tests from our clinic, many of which are not available on the NHS.

Blood tests

Our routine blood tests start from £15.00 and many patients receive their results and feedback on the same day. As well as routine tests, we can carry out checks for specific conditions such as Diabetes, Prostate Cancer and Hepatitis C.

Allergy testing

Allergies can manifest themselves in several different ways. Our screening services will test for the most likely allergens based on your symptoms, so we can advise on what to avoid and how to best manage your symptoms.

Vitamin deficiency

We can test for Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies including Iron, Magnesium and Vitamin D. The symptoms of these can mimic other conditions, so tests are vital to determine the real cause and address any deficiencies before they cause long-term issues.

Many deficiencies only ever cause vague symptoms, such as tiredness and loss of vitality. However, we want our patients to feel their best, and with simple tests and readily available supplements, there is no longer any need for vitamin deficiencies to affect your well-being.


Why GP-Plus?

  • Get your results quickly
  • Access services not available via the NHS
  • Fast referrals to local and national specialists when required
  • Privacy and discretion assured at all times
  • Expert second opinions

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