Occupational Health Services with GP-Plus

Maintaining a happy, healthy and productive workforce


Website - compressed (25)Our Occupational Health services consist of a wide range of options, specifically designed for the corporate sector and tailored to meet your company’s needs. Individual medical assessments and complete Occupational Health packages can be provided on an individual item or contractual basis.

Employee well-being and management referrals

A proactive approach to employee well-being can help to protect an organisation against avoidable ill health in the workplace. It also reassures your workforce that their health and well-being is important to the business, fostering loyalty and commitment. Management referrals are designed to help identify barriers to a successful return to work and highlight any potential Equality Act issues.

Pre-placement assessment

From the assessment of medical questionnaires to full medical examinations, we can detect and identify medical conditions that may make your potential employee vulnerable or a hazard in the workplace. We can identify employees or situations that may require workplace adjustments and we can advise on how to take such measures in a proportionate manner. Taking these measures help safeguard your company’s position in the event of any future liability claims.


Executive medical examinations and employee health screenings are important considerations for all companies, as the consequences of employee illness and absence can be far-reaching and costly to the employer.

On-site vaccinations

For large groups of employees, we can provide on-site vaccinations for employees to protect against things such as the flu virus.

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