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What Our Patients Say

Jack B

Dr Copp is a fantastic physician. He provides insightful diagnoses that get straight to the root of a problem. These are followed up with rapid, practical treatment plans that work alongside his network of top-notch consultants. Last year was my first experience of private healthcare and it has been an incredibly positive one. I believe Dr Copp's consultations are worth every penny. I am currently being treated for a previously undiagnosed condition that he picked up on and investigated whilst we were discussing something else. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Elaine B

Over many years now Peter has overseen the health of my family. We’ve always found him very attentive, thorough, and professional throughout our medical journey. I’d suggest he is best in class and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Iain A

My wife and I have been patients of Dr Copp for twenty years. We greatly appreciate his positive attitude, reliable diagnosis, and care when things have to be checked. When we have had to be referred to specialists, we appreciate his introductions to consultants with whom we have got on well. Perhaps most of all, we appreciate his speedy response when something has been worrying us or might have been serious. Iain

Mark F

I have relied on Dr Peter Copp for all my routine and non-routine medical needs for over 20 years and cannot speak too highly about the quality of care, insight, and professionalism he provides. Not only is he personally highly skilled he also has a fantastic knowledge and network of where to go to get the best specialist expertise when needed. I have, and continue to, unhesitatingly recommended him to family and friends.

David W

My family and I have been visiting Peter since early 2002, so for over 22 years! I honestly think we are much healthier than we would have been as a result. Peter is fabulously caring and always has time to discuss and explain things clearly. I think he is an amazing diagnostician and able to refer patients to the most appropriate specialist when appropriate. I cannot thank him enough or recommend him highly enough.

Christian H

Dr Copp offers not only brilliant medical advice but extends the luxury of time to truly get to the bottom of any concern or worry that either he or my family members may have. His genuine reassurance coupled with a very human level of measured concern has a curative effect unto itself!

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